My top 5 tips to start your day with intention


Here are five ways you could begin your morning on a positive, nourishing note. Try one, some or all of them whatever fits with your schedule.

  1. While your head is still on the pillow

You know you need to get going but before you heave yourself out of bed take a moment to practice some little loving kindness. This ancient meditation extends kindness to yourself and others and it can really improve how you feel at the start of the day.

  • May I be safe
  • May I be happy
  • May I be healthy
  • May I live with ease

2. While in the bathroom

Choose one of your daily rituals such as brushing your teeth, washing your hair or moisturising your face and make it a mindful activity. This is simply about noticing what is taking place at that moment, just as it is. Your to-do-list will still be there when you finish in the bathroom, no need to mentally bring it with you at this time.

3. While you get dressed

You can turn this into another positive intention: gratitude. You could be thankful your child slept through the night, the sun is shining, your outfit doesn’t need ironing etc. Think about why you’re thankful and let yourself soak in the gratitude. This short gratitude reminds you of what is already good about your day.

4. While you’re getting ready

What is the one thing you could do today that would feel like success, however small. Create that one intention for yourself.

5. Before you get down to any work

Take a moment to consider how you want to feel and create an affirmation or mantra to use as a reminder over the next few hours. For example if you think you’re going to feel tense and stressed, adopt a mantra of ‘’breathe in, breathe out’’. Write it down on a piece of paper or in your phone so you van reference and repeat it throughout the day.



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  1. Ali Says says:

    nice! easy yet helpful tips


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