How Can We Rewire the Mind?

This is a question from a lot of people who have been doing soul searching: how do we quiet the mind and free it?

For me, the first point is to accept that we have unwanted/unnecessary thoughts. To do that we just observe the mind following the zen practice – just see what happens in your head as you sit quietly and still. Thoughts start appearing, maybe things you have to do or another worry about the past or future.


The aim of the zen meditation at this point is not to judge yourself for having such thoughts, but to accept that this is where you are now. The more you practice you’ll start to notice that some days your mind will be quieter than others – and this is fine too. The mind changes just like everything else. Nothing is ever the same.

One technique I found very useful is to stick to the breath using the buddhist mindfulness technique. Nothing complicated, just follow the length of the breath. After a few months of daily meditation (ideally morning and evening), you will start to clear your mind from thoughts. You can then start a grounding meditation practice with visualisation technique (you can start before that if you feel ready). Grounding and being centred are key to rewire the mind in the right direction. We also call this channelling your energy. 

Once you are rewired, you will start attracting the right people, the right work, the right partner, everything will be right for your Self because you will have finally understood yourself and stopped wasting your energy on things which are not important anymore. 

In the end, we remain humans with emotions… So yes, there will be a time when things are not going perfectly but it will pass much faster and within a day you will be fine (ok, a week max). So now it’s time to practice!

Breathing exercises are excellent to calm the mind down and prepare for meditation. You can learn more by watching my videos on these techniques and also my lives on facebook as I give many tips for meditation and visualisation.

Please share your thoughts and how you feel after a month or 2 of practice.

I notice that when I do not meditate for a week I’m a bit less centred but it is never a spiral. I would be just a little off balance. I balance this out with a lot of outdoor sports and yoga for physical movement. It is also fine to acknowledge that some days our energies are just affected and even if we try we are not quite ok. You just observe that this is the case and do not try to stop it happening, just flow through it. It is ok to have days off – we are humans after all. Nobody can be always well as even the biggest guru gets sick too – we are not God.

The secret is to accept it and glide through it as if you are swimming in an ocean with obstacles, you just go slow, but you keep going.




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