The Aloe Vera Detox & Surprising Benefits for Gut Health


Used by the Egyptians as the ‘plant of immortality’, Aloe Vera has been an essential plant used in ancient medicine throughout the ages thanks to its healing and moisturising qualities for the skin, hair and body.

We all benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe, from rubbing the leaf against a sunburn or scar, or using it as a hair mousse (curly hair, anyone?).

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Although there are more than 240 species of Aloe, the most powerful and potent one in medical properties is the Aloe Barbadensis, a.k.a. Aloe Vera, which means true. Its potent properties are thanks to the composition of the gel of the leaf made out of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes used in the digestive system.


The last one is not as popular as the topic use of the plant, but just as powerful: Aloe vera not only heals and moisturises, but also cleanses and rejuvenates from inside out.

Discover below how this plant can renew your body, improve digestion, help with weight loss, better skin plus Dipa’s tip for an Aloe Vera Detox.

• Detox and Healthy Skin

Aloe is a gelatinous plant food, just like chia seeds, whose gel cleanses the system moving through the intestinal tract, absorbing toxins and eliminating through the colon. Once the detoxifying organs, like the stomach, liver and kidneys, are free from the built up waste, they will function better and thus, show a glowing look on the outside of the body.

Also, as many skin problems are related to digestive issues, this internal detox helps maintain a clear and radiant skin from inside out.

aloe vera place the pieces on a wooden table. soft focus

•  Gut Health and Weight Loss

Eating healthily and eliminating toxins is one of the foundations of good health. As aloe works wonders in detoxification by soothing the digestive tract and improving digestion, consequently it is responsible for weight loss by getting rid of harmful waste in the body.

It is also a natural prebiotic because of its an anti fungal and anti bacterial functions, which reduces unfriendly bacteria from the gut, keeping the intestinal flora in balance and hence, increasing absorption of nutrients.

•  The Aloe Vera Detox
Dipa recommends an Aloe Vera cure for the gut with a 3 day routine:
It is important to choose a good quality plant from a reliable source, like Nature Intended or Whole Foods.
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– Wake up and have 3 teaspoons of organic natural aloe vera pulp on an empty stomach;
– Then have some lukewarm water with it (no lemon or any other food for
 2 hours);
– Have a light breakfast like a green juice;
– For lunch the ideal is protein with some complex carbs (sweet potato, brown rice);
– For snack: Dates with some nuts
– Dinner: Vegetable soups with a bit of fat (coconut oil) or a salad with some olive oil
Repeat the same for another 2 days.

Although the benefits of Aloe are amazing for the body, it is not recommended the long term use of this medicinal plant; but instead, used as a treatment for times when you actually need it, to ensure the effectiveness thereof.


How do you use Aloe Vera in your life? 



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