The Moon and its Influence over our Lives

The Full Moon officially rising this Friday is widely known for its power over the earth’s water, by empowering the tides thanks to the moon’s gravitational force. As the human body is constituted of more than 70% of water – it is no surprise, yet debatable by the sceptical ones, the influence of the moon phases in our energy and lives.

moon phases influence our life

 Traditionally, ancient cultures understood the powerful force of the moon and worked accordingly to its calendar for best results in farming, gardening, fertility, etc. Tuning into this ancient wisdom and relating to the Moon cycle is a powerful way to align with the Universal energy.

This ancient wisdom proves to be still beneficial until nowadays. Working in alignment with the moon cycles can increase our productivity and success, when we sync our activities with the most auspicious times to get the best of each phase.

The new moon represents new beginnings and a fresh start: it’s time to set up intentions for the cycle to come.  Gather toughts, make plans, to-do lists and visualise what you’d like to accomplish; but launch a bit later…

2626fec8ca492409508f79b135584584During the Waxing Crescent phase, la luna is increasing and lighting up the sky more and more. That’s the best time to actually start the projects and take actions torwards the intentions you planted during the new moon.

Health and beauty wise, your body is the most absorbent so it’s an effective phase for regenerating treatments: nourish yourself with nutrient dense foods, deep conditioning for the hair, oil moisturise all body aiming to nourish it. This is also the best time to cut hair on the hopes of fast growth!

When the moon reaches its full phase, that’s when emotions heighten, we’re naturally accelerated, might have trouble falling asleep and situations come to its climax.


The Full Moon is a time for conclusions, as you finally harvest the seeds you planted in the beginning of the cycle. 

It’s an extremelly significant period to energise crystals and stones and perfom healing meditations. If you want your hair to grow thick and strong, this is the best time to cut it. As well as filing nails to encourage them growing stronger. It’s a consolidative time for being grateful of the past cycle, making decisions, evaluate what works and start the process to give up, let go and release as the moon wanes.

As the Moon changes from full to darker, the energy decreases over us; shifting from a growing, nurturing energy to a passive, restorative force.

new moon benefits

If you’ve been thinking about quitting a job, ending a relationship or a project – this is the best time to do so. The Waning Moon encourages introspection and mostly, let go. Declutter and detach from anything in your life that is no longer serving your purpose.

Naturally, it’s also a good time for cleansing, detox and exfoliation treatments. Cutting your hair during this period will make it grow slower and with less volume, working in your favour as well for waxing and shaving. It’s also an auspicious time for changes such as hair colouring.

This is the moon to surrender and release, giving up of the old to open space for the new. 

As the black moon darkens the sky, this introspective break is needed to gather thoughts and prepare for the new cycle to come, and repeat all again.

Living by the moon light may sound a bit overwhelming at first, but as you tune in with the earth’s energy you will naturally feel in the flow and your goals will consequently unfold; proving that working along with the natural forces rather than against will benefit your health, beauty & well-being for good


What are your favourites Moon rituals? 

Alice Lima






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