3 Key Supplements for Optimal Health

Indeed, a good alimentation must always come first. And if you manage a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, you should be getting enough nutrients you need. Though it’s often forgotten the amount of vitamins actually absorbed in your diet, and when is the best time of day for your body to get them.

Food is always the best remedy, but due to over-farming, the soil is depleted of nutrition which hinders our aliments health value. So unless you’re always taking in organic foods, supplements are a good way to fill in the gaps when needed.
“Combining the lower nutritional value of our food with a dose of stress or maybe a few  glasses of alcohol and your gut’s ability to absorb the minerals, what you do get from your meals will be hindered dramatically.”

For ultimate optimisation, all supplements should be taken with food.
Before just picking a vitamin supplementation based on sayings, make sure to identify your own deficiency so they will make a difference for you, otherwise they won’t do much.

If you need to increase the intake of vitamins and minerals for the best functioning of your body, these are the keys ones you should be looking at:
  • Vitamin D
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The sunshine vitamin is produced in the body in response to sunlight, though not only in winter months but especially us lucky ones living in the UK – mostly, we don’t get enough of it. Vit D helps absorb calcium and phosphorus, essential to strengthen and protect your bones,  and regulates the mood and wanders off depression.

For years experts have recommended that postmenopausal women take calcium and vitamin D supplements to prevent osteoporosis.

  • Probiotics


There are the naturally occurring good bacteria living in your gut and helping significant ly in your total wellness by breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating toxins.

The digestive system is also related to the skin as they’re both organs of detoxification.

When your gut flora is not healthy, it shows through other organs like the skin, which is another organ of detoxification. This can cause inflammation such as acne and other skin problems.

So, if you are looking to clear up your skin, you have to start with your gut. You can take probiotics in a dietary supplement or eat foods like yogurt, kefir, miso, tempeh and kombucha which are rich in helpful bacteria and yeasts that help your digestive system.

  • Calcium


Your body needs calcium to build and maintain strong bones, as well as the heart, muscles and nerves also need it to function properly.

It is well known that calcium is easily found in dairy milk, but what the industry doesn’t want you to know is that it is poorly absorbed by the body and even takes away the existing calcium in the bones. Props to the vegans!

Instead, dark green leaves and vegetables are rich in Calcium, but they are poorly absorbed unless allied with a source of Vit C. So it’s a good idea to squeeze some lemon drops on your salad, or drink orange juice at least 30 minutes after a meal.
Calcium supplements often contain vitamin D and this team is way more beneficial beyond bone health: protecting against cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.


Any other supplement you would add to this list?
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