The Benefits of Yoga for Runners

After the success of the London Marathon last weekend, many athletes and amateurs gave their maximum to accomplish their goals; which may have caused many post training injuries…
It is said by health coaches the pain runners feel doesn’t come from the running itself, but from imbalances running causes when not done properly.
Yoga’s internal practice draws the awareness inwards rather than any external outcome. One of the ways it can help prevent injuries is by motivating mindfulness: the key element in Yoga.
The more aware you are of how your body feels, the more likely you are to notice tight muscles or injury-prone areas that requires more attention.
Yoga helps you stay injury-free by cultivating a balance between strength and flexibility in the body.
Asanas move your body while demanding an active breathing and conscious movement. This way, runners benefit from Yoga to balance strength, increase range of motion and train the body and mind.
As well as the running training it’s important to strengh and stretch the body to keep it flexible for a healthy run. This video by Dipa shows a good practice for runners to help release tension and any tightness in the body.


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