The Healing Power of Gong Meditation and Yoga

The gong is a sacred ancient instrument used for thousands of years as a way of healing, rejuvenation and transformation. It is considered a sound therapy ainding in relesing tensions and breaking up emotional blockages in the body.

At Ganesh Grove Yoga Studio Katie and Michael lead a Restorative Yoga and Gong Meditation class: A unique blend of both therapeutic and contemplating practices to  balance mind, body and soul.

Ganesh Grove Yoga Studio Chiswick
New Studio in Chiswick, West London

The Restorative Yoga class leaded by Katie relies on the relaxing stability of holding basic poses along with the use of props in order to achieve a deep level of relaxation. The slow pace and gentleness of the class helps to draw your awareness within, welcoming you to take a deeper look at who you are, understanding your own body and often experiencing a profound sense of self-love and acceptance. This practice is followed by the soothing and healing vibrations of the gongs.

Conscious Rest

We will begin the meditation being guided into Conscious Rest: meeting our experiences simply as it is. Often this is done by Michael leading the class through a somatic meditation. Scanning the body, noticing the qualities of the breath, and generally being curious and open minded about our experience. This meditation does not involve changing or correcting anything within your experience, instead you are invited to drop deeply into the effortless awareness of your experience as it unfolds.

Gong Meditation

The second part of the meditation will focus our attention in the space in which our experience is happening. The movement of the sensations and the coming and going of sounds. For this he will be using a gong to focus your awareness and allow the body and mind to rest completely. Noting the qualities of being completely at rest and taking this opportunity to stop and simply be.

The class happens every Monday from 7:30 to 8:30 at Ganesh Grove Yoga Studio.

Any questions please email or

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