The Secret About Teaching Yoga

This is the beginning of a series of posts to help you to launch and develop your personal brand as a Yoga, Fitness instructor, Wellbeing influencer, or any field you want to leave your footprint. These insider tips will guide you through making a choice and establishing yourself based on an honest and down to earth  approach.

Whether you’re a long time yogin, a complete beginner or  a Yoga enthusiast from now and then, we all have dreamed about dropping the same old 9-5 job to follow our heart’s desires and work with something meaningful and that we love.

“Do something you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, they say.
Easy to say but difficult to apply, right?

Shall you decide to follow this path, just like any important decision in life, one needs to be certain whether this is what they really want or if it’s just a phase thanks to many well-taught yoga classes and the wellbeing conquered. And as important, to be aware of the downsides of this profession so glamorised, as everything in life presents itself with a positive and a not so positive side.

Speaking with Dipa about the challenges she faced coming from a completely different background, I was introduced to ideas I have not yet come across and insiders from someone with experience in the business.

Alice: So what made you go through this change of career, transitioning from the finance world to the yoga mat?

Dipa: So basically I was travelling a lot, putting on weight and hardly had time to look after myself, eat healthily and also do something meaningful with my life. I just thought having meetings and working on spreadsheets didn’t feel like I was actually actively helping others…

So this is why I made the change. I really wanted to help people with their stress and anxiety because I had that when I was working.  So these were the most important reasons I made this transition: to be healthy myself and to help others.

A: How did you find the courage to go through this life change?

Dipa:  Freedom is when what you’re doing is what you love. If you earn thousants and are not doing something you love, that’s being in a prision… You need to find what you’re happy about and go for it.

You know, it’s hard when you’re young because you’re still settling on your feet. It took me how many years to find out that I wanted to teach yoga…

A: So how did you get started into the Yoga path? What called you?

Dipa: I didn’t know straight away… I’ve always practiced yoga but then my sister in law did a teacher’s training in an Ashram for a month and she’s like “Oh you should do it, it’s amazing” and as I was in a transition period I said “Alright, I’ll give it a try”. So I realised how great was to teach yoga, I loved it.

A: And since then what are the challenges that you faced so far and are still facing?

Dipa: I guess in terms of sustainability a lot of people see yoga maybe as a fashion rather than as a discipline, a everyday practice that changes life. 

So it’s about commitment: a lot of people will dedicate to a yoga practice, but others will start and stop.. and so they’ll probably not see the progress as much. And that’s okay, that’s their journey to have. So that’s why yoga is difficult to explain to someone to continue to see the result instead of stopping in a couple of months – which is too short to see any real big change. You’ll see a little bit of change but not massive. So that’s the challenge in the West I think, because they see yoga as a spiritual practice or fitness… religion almost; but it’s not, it’s something you do for youself. To feel good.

And the other thing I found as a challenge is people associate yoga that’s it is only for women, when actually it was invented for men in India in order to control thoughts they were having. So there’s a misconception on what yoga is and who it is for.

A: What about the social side of the business, all the workshops, talks related to yoga and wellbeing, leading meditations, making videos?

D: Me as a leo, I love speaking in front of people. And when you feel comfortable with it, teaching is like a second skin for you. It just feels great. I’ve been told many times “you should be doing public speaking”, so I went ahead and did it. When I teach, I’m in my element. 

I discovered my path is to teach, so work doesn’t feel like a chore anymore.

And so companies where I give meditation class or chair yoga classes really feel the difference, they enjoy because they’re in the most stressful environment among their bosses and colleages; there’s conflict of interests, so many things happening you know: who gets which role, who gets credit for what they’ve done, who gets the promotion.       It’s quite a hard environment – very competitive -, so when I go there to teach I can really see the results straight away as they’re very calm afterwards and composed, then they go back and they see their relationship with the other in a different way. Which it’s about growing together rather than being against each other.

A: What would you say to those who have a steady lifestyle but are not content with their jobs, or those worrying about how much money they can make with a yoga career? Afterall this is something to consider if you’re serious about persuing this path…

D: Freedom is when what you’re doing is what you love. If you earn thousants and are not doing something you love, that’s being in a prision… You need to find what you’re happy about and go for it.

I am just happy doing this and money just comes by itself when you are detached from it; when you separate your happiness from experiences of having money then it starts to flow. I used to make more money before… but now I enjoy what I do and I dont care how much money I make.

A: So you have exciting news and events coming up… You just launched your new studio in the heart of West London. What kind of yoga do you teach in Ganesh Grove Yoga Studio?

D: It’s a self practice. It’s basically adapting yoga to you rather than you adapting to a style of yoga. So the way I teach a class is I’ll give the students some guidelines, general instruction but every single person will do the pose according to their own body and I’m not gonna try and change it completely, I’m gonna correct according to their body rather than according to the pose.

The type of yoga… is my own. {laughs} Yoga Muni Yoga. Yoga uniquely for you in the Urban Life.

A: So leading such a busy work routine, what do you do to keep yourself motivated and to keep thriving?

D: Meditation is the only way. I wake up everyday at 5 and I don’t need an alarm clock; I just wake up and I sit down cross legged. That’s why: everyday I do this and everyday my day goes according to what I thought, what I visualised. Because I sat down first thing in the morning, visualised what I was going to do and so everything just falls into the right place and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. {laughs} It’s really amazing to feel like that. I never felt so good! To be exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions or thoughts let us know by commenting below! 


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