Detox Yoga class for Sweaty Betty

Hey everyone,

Around here we’ve been sweating off the winter blues with lots of yoga, stretching, plenty of water and exercise!

This last weekend Dipa taught a Detox Yoga sequence for Sweaty Betty in Chiswick, and the cloudy Saturday morning didn’t prevent the students to come and enjoy a cleansing yoga class and some treats. Amazingly enough it became a beautiful sunny afternoon afterwards…


If you missed it this time, stay in touch on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events as we have our agenda booked with amazing workshops, retreats and much more.


After the class Sunita Solanki from British Indian Kitchen showed up with some delicious treats… her marvellous chocolate and coconut energy balls which I finally tried and can say it’s the best one I’ve ever had so far…


Thanks to everyone who came on saturday: the students, Sunita for sharing her lovely energy balls and my friend Romain for filming this short video.

Keep in mind that you can still practice at home Dipa’s Detox Yoga sequence on her youtube channel! And here is a little preview of we did in the class…

We’re always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the content of the blog, so feel free to leave us a comment.

Keep warm,


Collaborator for Yoga Muni



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