Iron(Wo)Man Marathon #1

A yogi’s practice, fuel and food for the body and soul

Namaste everyone,

I am planning a half iron man for the first time and I thought it would be interesting to share how I am training, what I am eating – from a vegetarian and yogin point of view -, and what I wear to optimise my results and still keep me warm and comfortable.

I will also provide a simple yoga practice for each discipline and a month by month progress.

This first post will be about my Sunday rituals and mostly about running, food and yoga.




When planning such goal one should have some priorities in place. I believe these 3 are the most important to have a successful practice:

#1: Discipline routine set up;

#2: Stretching routine is extremely important to avoid injury and increase your performance. For runners, I have posted an excellent stretching video on youtube you can follow.

#3 : Food is probably as important as everything else as it will fuel your body and boost your immunity to keep going and have the minimum down days where you do not practice.

I call this Sunday rituals because it is all about setting regularities when it comes to being disciplined in training.

I have started practicing one year before the big day and I feel I will need a lot more preparation. Running is actually not the hardest discipline but to prevent injury one should have the right shoes and the running technique. It is important to have routine and discipline to train for this.

Sleep, food, yoga and self care are really important to achieve this very demanding and time consuming goal.

Training for all 3 disciplines properly every week is a big commitment as it takes a lot of your time so one has to be very efficient and thoughtful about how to create a routine.

For me sundays are usually the best for running. I can dedicate time to a longer run and improving endurance. For training, endurance and determination are key so I always set the time, distance and route I am going to use. I visualise myself the night before doing it which helps a lot. The preparation starts before the day of run: you prepare yourself about a week ahead, mentally and physically.

First Sunday : 10km in 1 hour


I ran along the river in battersea park with my friend Mia, she is in athletics so a very strong runner. She pushed me a little to be faster so we did it in under 1 hour! The wind was blowing wild and it was not an easy run, it needed more energy than usual. We did 3 rounds and at a speed of 9.5 m/h which is not very fast but not so bad either.

Food routine is very important to keep the body, mind and soul fuelled with energy to keep going with this challenge.

So on Sunday I had a fruit smoothie with apple, banana, plum, pear, spinach and 25 gram of hemp protein.

Some porridge with coconut milk + sunflower and flaxseeds and a cup of coffee with coconut oil (to slow down the caffeine intake) in the morning – it was quite good! At lunch, some poached eggs with an avocado and some brown toasts. And for dinner I had a soup of carrot and kale with some quinoa. Simple is always best!



Example of some healthy snacks were these energy balls prepared by my lovely friend Sunita Solanki from British Asian Kitchen (dates and nuts or energy bars or fruits).

It was quite cold so I decided to have chai with a lot of warming herbs such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves and pepper.


Stretching routine is so important, and as being a yogi I feel my body in a way that is extremely deep and sensitive. As soon as there is some kind of tightness and resistance, my body tells me it’s time to stretch so I know exactly which area needs attention.

This day I spent a lot of time in downward dog to stretch the calves. Then I did some standing forward bends and hip stretches. I finished the series with some inversions (up side down) to bring more energy and blood into my head! Finally I sat down in crossed legged to do some breathing and meditation to gather my energy and boost my immunity after running in the cold. The combination of outdoor running, yoga stretch and sitting still in meditation enable me to be still full of energy for the rest of the day. As you know I am a teacher so I went and taught about 3 yoga classes afterwards 🙂

Stay tune for the following posts about my exercise routine and alimentation for Iron Man marathon, as well as some insiders of what I’m wearing to keep warm!

Thanks for reading and catch with you soon…




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